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all your slut heros offer is a fear of the future

cheяяy blossom tяee
25 September 1987
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We take over the world now Y/Y? glam_lolz
And I maintain glam_roleplay



I play over here.

a clockwork orange, alcohol, alice in wonderland, all rock'n'roll is homosexual, androgyny, andy warhol, ant and dec, batman, bernard black, black books, black eyeliner, blackadder, bottom, boys in makeup, brian slade, british comedy, charles of london, cherry blossom trees, chris corner, cross-dressing, david bowie, david lachapelle, drag queens, drop dead fred, dylan moran, eddie izzard, edie sedgwick, edward scissorhands, electro, exaggerated makeup, eyeliner+spraypaint, fashion, fashion photography, father ted, feather boas, forever delayed, freakazoid, garth marenghi, gay rights, generation terrorists, girlyboys, glam rock, glamour twins [richey+nicky], glitter, glitterati, gold against the soul, goldfrapp, graham linehan, i am x, johnny depp, kate moennig, kate moss, katie jane garside, king adora, labyrinth, leopard print, lipstick traces, london, loveless, makeup, manic street preachers, manikeen, marc bolan, maxi browne, men in makeup, monty python, muse, nathan barley, nicky wire, old gregg, oscar wilde, pale skin, patrick wolf, perfect stars, pin up girls, pirates, pouting, pretty boys, pulp, punk, questionable content, radiohead, red dwarf, red lipstick, reeves and mortimer, richey/nicky, rik mayall, roald dahl, robert smith, rocky horror show, ross noble, stay beautiful, suede, t-rex, the cure, the glam era, the horrors, the l word, the libertines, the magic roundabout, the mighty boosh, the pokerap, the powerpuff girls, the smiths, the spiders from mars, the strokes, the young ones, tim burton, tim curry, tony harrison, velvet goldmine, vince noir, vintage clothing, vodka, white ninja comics, white rose movement, winter leaves, you love us, zooniverse,